Official website of Clan Lennox

Lennox castle photo

(Ruins of Lennox Castle, Lennoxtown, Scotland.)

Welcome to the Clan Lennox official website!

Clan Lennox has its origins in the ancient Earls of Lennox who controlled Dunbartonshire and parts of Renfrewshire, Stirlingshire and Perthshire in Scotland beginning in the 12th Century.  For centuries, the earls were involved in politics – and intrigue – and were often in the middle of struggles for power and wealth.

Perhaps the most significant historical family relationship was that Matthew Stewart, Earl of Lennox, was the grandfather of King James VI of Scotland and I of England.   (James’s father, Henry Stewart, titled Lord Darnley, and husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, was in line to inherit the earldom, but was murdered in Edinburgh in 1567.) King James was the first of the line of Stewart kings reigning over a united monarchy of England and Scotland (and Ireland) for much of the 17th Century.

A Chief of the Name and Arms Lennox, which establishes a clan chief, was issued to John L. K. Lennox in 1833 by the Lord Lyon King of Arms.   Chief Lennox had no male heirs and the clan chiefdom was suspended until 1984 when Lord Lyon awarded the Lennox Name and Arms to Denis P.H. Lennox.   Edward J.H. Lennox inherited the title from his father and is now the clan chief.

The Scottish diaspora sent Lennox people around the world with significant numbers now residing in Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and the United States.  Lennox people have excelled in academics, medicine, law, science, business and all walks of life.

The purpose of the Clan is to bring people sharing the Lennox name together for friendship and fellowship and to promote their heritage, as well as the history and heritage of Scotland, Great Britain, and all the countries where Lennox people settled.

Whether a direct descendant of one of the Earls, or of more ordinary lineage, all people with the Lennox surname, or who descend from a Lennox, are deemed members of the Clan and invited to participate in Clan activities, and to initiate activities on their own!

This website is under construction and will be updated soon, so please check back from time to time for more information.