Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games (August 9 – 11, 2019)

Fergus Festival logo

Exciting news about the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games August 9 – 11 in Fergus, Ontario, Canada (108 km/ 67 miles west of Toronto)!  For the first time since its organization, Clan Lennox is officially participating in a festival as one of the registered clans – thanks to Marcus Lennox, the commissioner for Canada on our clan’s international Council of Commissioners!  Marcus no doubt could use help from any of the clan members in his part of the world and if you can help, feel free to send him an email through the “contact” page on this website.  Regardless, all Lennox people are invited and encouraged to attend the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games this August.  Put on some Lennox tartan and show pride in your Scottish heritage!

Fergus pipe band


The Fergus Festival was first held 70 years ago.  Over the years, it has grown into one of the premier Scottish heritage festivals in the world attracting 35,000 guests in any year.  There are traditional Highland Games with caber tossing, hammer throw and sheave tossing.     Bag pipe music drones over the arena, dancing girls are in competition, there are highland cattle, music of all types, whisky tasting, and heritage events.

Fergus Highland cattle

The swirl of color from the multitude of clan tartans is striking.  The festival is truly a fun and wholesome event for the whole family.



Here is a link to the festival’s website – https://fergusscottishfestival.com/

Go and enjoy – and remember to check in with Marcus!




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