Lennox Gardens in Honour of Scots- Australian Bridge Builder, David Lennox

Mark Lennox, the clan’s commissioner for Australia, contributed this article after being fortunate enough to stumble across the Lennox Gardens, in Canberra, Australia.  The gardens were established in the 1960s to honour David Lennox, a stone mason and bridge builder from Ayr, Scotland, who immigrated to Australia in 1832 after the death of his wife.

Mark Lennox in Lennox Gardens

(Mark Lennox at Lennox Gardens)

David Lennox was responsible for the construction of the first dam in Liverpool, New South Wales, and the Lennox Bridge in Glenbrook (Australia’s oldest bridge).

Lennox Bridge

(Lennox Bridge)

David Lennox was responsible for constructing 53 bridges in Victoria.  He became superintendent of bridges in his career.

Lennox Bridge over Parramatta River

(Lennox Bridge, Parramatta River)

Lennox Landsdowne

(Landsdowne Bridge, New South Wales, AUS,opened in 1836, still carries traffic today.)

David Lennox died in 1873 leaving an indelible mark on the Australian landscape.  Lennox Gardens is a special tribute to this remarkable Lennox clansman.

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