The Lennox Charters and Letters

Published in a two volume set in 1874, Sir William Fraser’s “The Lennox” is a remarkable work that not only details the history of the Lennox earls beginning with Alwin MacArchill, circa 1106- 1155, but also contains facsimiles of royal and parliamentary charters and letters involving the earls and their families.  Often the charters are reproduced in the original Latin, apparently the official language of the Scottish government in the Medieval Age, but Fraser was kind enough to provide translations.  There is considerable history of the courtship and marriage of Mary, Queen of Scots, and Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley, the presumptive heir of the Lennox earldom (until his murder in Edinburgh).  (Did you know that Mary signed her name ‘Marie R’?)

These books have been reproduced in their entirety by the National Library of Scotland.  Volume 1 can be found at this link:

Volume 2 at this link:

Work with the websites to open the books so that you can turn page after fascinating page.





2 thoughts on “The Lennox Charters and Letters”

  1. I was wondering, since the Lennox Castle is in ruins, my it be reclaimed by a descendent and how exactly could this be accomplished?


    1. We don’t think the Lennox family can reclaim the castle. It was sold by the family to the City of Glasgow in the early 20th Century for use as a hospital. The hospital was decommissioned in 2002 and fell into ruins. It is now owned by a private company, and hopes are that it will be restored. Scottish architectural preservation authorities have the castle on an endangered list. Thanks for the question!


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